The “I” in DIY


The "I" in DIY 

There is something refreshing about how far things have come. Here we are now in 2019, the predicted apocalypse came and went a few times, the internet has become a massive hive of great info and total nonsense, and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a term no longer looked down upon.

The DIY musician, artist, creator, inventor has always been around but the whole notion only became cool with the advent of the term "side-gig" or entrepreneur. Most indie musicians I know are all DIY musicians who are equal parts business and creativity and it's a beautiful thing.

Welcome to my music, my page, and my insights. I will be keeping you all up to date with blogs, vlogs, and everything else to do with my creative process; I'll even throw in some business tidbits to give you food for thought.

"I" am proud to DIY.

Until next time "live long and prosper".



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