Unsigned Only - Music Competition

Song in the Semi Finals for Rock Category

Sarah Shafey's song "Foot In Mouth Disease" has been selected as a semi-finalist for Unsigned Only 2019 in the Rock category. To see the complete list of semi-finalists (listed alphabetically by artist's name), go to: https://unsignedonly.com/winners.

All entries were reviewed carefully and thoroughly, and approximately 6,000 entries were narrowed down to 900 semi-finalists. The finalists will be chosen from this group of semi-finalists and will be announced within the next couple of weeks. These finalists will be sent to the panel of judges who will select the winners. Winners (including the special promotions Win Some Love, Video Only, and Grand Slam) will be announced when all the winners are announced in late August or early September 2019, as soon as the judges complete the process.

Author: Unsigned Only
Date:  July 2019

Relix Magazine - (April - May 2019 Issue)

Sarah Shafey - Artist On the Rise

Sarah Shafey featured as one of the "Artists on the Rise" in the April - May 2019 issue of legendary music magazine Relix.

To get a digital copy go to the website and download the April - May 2019 back issue (they can also be ordered in print).

Author: Relix Magazine
Date:  April 2019


Feature of Song "Suzy Q" & Interview

(click link for full interview)

Sarah Shafey is a Canadian singer, producer, and mixing engineer. Shafey has been around in the Toronto music scene for more than a decade wearing many hats behind the scenes, mixing albums for bands across genres and recording at her studio Squeaky Clean Records. Her personal sound over the past decade has grown from piano folk-pop to her now distinguished emotive alternative and grungy shoegaze rock sound. Sarah Shafey delivered a badass and edgy single titled “Suzy Q”.

“Suzy Q” immediately captured my attention by the first note. The staccato rhythmic verses complemented by Sarah’s voguish yet sassy with a hint of sensual vocal resonance to drives the beloved "Suzy Q" forward in our memories. Sarah Shafey has all the right elements that makes her a hit rock n roll vocalist and a standout artist. “Suzy Q” displays her intricate vocals alongside atmospheric and sensational electric guitar chords, creating the ultimate grunge scenario for you.

You become lost inside the whole rebellious aura she fabricates for you. Ripped denim jeans, 90’s, leather jackets, hairsprays, motorcycles, and bubblegum is the image I was able to manufacture in my head while listening to this classic grimey rock hit!

Author: Buzz Music LA
Date:  Feb 2019
jennifer ballard

Jennifer Ballard Photography

Post featuring Sarah Shafey

This post has been a long time coming. And by a long time, I mean about 3 years. Sarah and I took these pictures way back in June 2010. I had originally held off on blogging them because they were for promotion of her new album and I wanted to wait for it’s release. However, as sometimes happens, life got in the way and the release was pushed back. Ms Sarah Shafey is a very talented artist. I have had the pleasure of hearing her perform a handful of times and she is pretty rad. In fact, I would generally describe her as awesomesauce! And that is not a term that I just wildly toss around. But don’t take my word for it, check her out for yourself!

Anyways, Sarah’s new album is about to drop so I recently revisited these photos and thought now would be a great time to share a few of my favourites with you.

Author: Jennifer Ballard
Date: 2013
snobs logo

Snob's Music Blog Review

Review of "Maverick"

It's not always the best albums that you reach for over and over again.  Sometimes it's the albums that give you a certain feeling or remind you of a certain time and place.

Maverick, the forthcoming album (out May 24th) from Toronto's Sarah Shafey is certainly one of those albums.  It's not always fundamentally sound, but it is always a fun, unapologetic love letter to 1990's grunge and alternative rock.

From the introduction of the lead track "Swim" and its "Cherub Rock" rumble, you know you're in for an honest tribute.  As someone whose teenage years coincided with the height of grunge rock, I was instantly hooked.  Shafey channels Celebrity Skin-era Courtney Love on "Suzie Q".

Despite often overwhelming buzzsaw guitars, there are often some power pop flickers that shine through.  That's the case on "Lady".  It is even moreso on "Mission Control", a track with razor-sharp hooks that actually sounds like more of an update on the Go-Gos or Blondie than it does L7 orBabes In Toyland.  The two elements crash together on "Paranoia", as lines are delivered like Bikini Kill at one moment and Elastica the next. Power pop is traded for just sheer power on "Foot In Mouth Disease". The album is capped off by "The Infinite Possibility of Sea Feet", a playful near-lullaby that is definitely the black sheep of this set.

Author: Peter Kearns
Date: 2013

WHOA Magazine Review

Review of "Maverick"

Sarah Shafey. There's not many more ways to explain her other than powerful, influential, and independent. With the words of Malcolm X at the end of every one of her emails, it is easy to see that she isn't trying to be a part of your everyday social norms. Her grungy, underground attitude makes her a great independent artist to strike the surface with her upcoming album Maverick.

With influences like Nirvana, Bush, and Soundgarden, Shafey really knows how to make her audience feel like they're in some sort of rebellious, punk, underground movement, sure to bring a nostalgic feeling to the older punk rock lovers. The female artist from Ontario, Canada really heats up the microphone with her feisty style and non-stop guitar riffs making it almost as if you are being hyped up for a rally. Aside from making you think and feel like you need to go out and stand up for yourself, Sarah Shafey puts raw music and everyday life together to make real, emotional, punk, grunge music. Being vastly comparable to Joan Jett, Shafey is definitely not afraid to play and say whatever she feels is right.

Author: Travis Dutton
Date: 2013
tiny music box

AWMusic Review

Review of "Tiny Music Box"

Sarah is a Toronto musician I hadn’t heard of until quite recently. Her voice carries a certain mournful feeling which, as I have described in other reviews, I am fond of in good singers; and Sarah’s voice, even after hearing just a few songs, is evidently very good.

Her album Tiny Music Box is being released through "Squeaky Clean Records (which she herself founded), and features examples of her vocal prowess and effective, imaginative song-writing. “After Dark but Early in the Morn” begins with a mysterious piano intro, with howling “oohs” close in tow; by the time the main vocals appear like a Siren, the listener is hooked.

Author: Ghalib
Date: 2009
tiny music box

CD Baby Review

Review of "Tiny Music Box"

The influences of Edith Piaf, Norah Jones, Danny Elfman, and Zero 7 can all be heard in the piano-driven chamber pop on "Tiny Music Box." But Sarah Shafey has made something all her own, a sophisticated, intricately orchestrated album of lush tunes and truly professional production. Her smoky, sultry singing, whether in French or English, whether full-voiced or whispery, has an immediate, emotive quality. And when she layers that voice to create hazy walls of glacial harmonies, the creepy effect will give you shivers. This artist should be commended for making a modern vaudeville album with sprinklings of jazz, folk, chamber pop, and classical.

Author: Chris R.
Date: 2009
tiny music box

Oxyfication Review

Review of "Tiny Music Box"

In popular culture the music box often holds magical powers; there’s an allure to it; you know the tune through and through, but it maintains its charm, it’s forever young, and every time you open the box you can close your eyes, hear the tune, and it’ll take you to that place. Canadian singer-songwriter-producer Sarah Shafey’s full-length debut Tiny Music Box is no small achievement, holding all the power and mysticism of a music box on steroids.

The album opens with “C’est Demain” and immediately the mood is set; mixed up feet or not, Shafey is waltzing you through a journey, and she’ll keep you on your toes. In “After Dark but Early in the Morn” she sings, “Let’s dance the night away” and she two-steps you into a trance. There’s no fitting the songs of Tiny Music Box into a specific genre; the influences are evident and everywhere, from literally all over the globe, from a makeshift carnival, to the Wild West, to the pyramids of Egypt and beyond. Each song seems to holds a different mood, yet they seamlessly flow into one another with a natural ease.

Shafey’s voice is both sultry and sure, refined with a rapturing rasp that conjures up shades of Stevie Nicks; she’s just as much a shaman as she is a singer, and she uses her piano the way Picasso used his hands.

The songs standout like stars on the boundless sea in the dark of night. By the time the album closes with the epic “Good Intentions” everything’s a hazy blur. Tiny Music Box is like heading out on a road-trip with that free-willed friend; though at times it seems like they have no idea where they’re going, everything is calculated, and you’re going to end up where you belong: a better place. Tiny Music Box is that place, and Sarah Shafey’s the perfect person to take you.

Author: Justin Holt
Date: 2009
ziggazagga2 3

Lonely Vagabond Review

Review of "Sarah Shafey - Self Titled - EP"

Sarah is David Bowie meets R&B. On her self-titled EP, this Egyptian/Torontonian shines brightly. After being nominated in 2006 for a Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Female Performer, Sarah is an artist to support. Shining tracks are: “Vanity” and “Catch Me”.

Author: Lonely Vagabond
Date: 2008