What's in your mind matters.

Here you will find a variety of topics to help empower women of all ages. I want to share with you some insights that I have learned as a woman along the way that have helped me to become a better version of myself personally and professionally.

Get ready to challenge yourself mentally and emotionally and re-think deeply ingrained notions of what it really means to be a woman. Let's pay it forward together and create a more gender balanced world where everyone has an equal voice.

Sarah Shafey signing off, over and out!

Women's Empowerment Videos

The Power of Female Friendships Amongst Women

As a woman, having solid female friends in your life is essential to your emotional and mental strength. Women often act as each other’s emotional support system in various scenarios and healthy female friendships is something all women can benefit from. Join me to learn about 3 of the benefits of FEMALE FRIEND POWER!!!!

Take Yourself on a Date

Take yourself on a date. Building your relationship with yourself is crucial to growing healthy relationships with others. I know it can be super uncomfortable to sit by yourself wondering if people are looking at you like a weirdo. But guess what, 99% of the time they are in their own worlds not paying any attention at all. So go on with your fine self and love yourself.

You’ve Got the Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking. It’s all about your perception of scenarios. Your thoughts form your character. You are what you think you are and it all comes from the mind. Of all of the things that humans have to deal with, our thoughts, those little pesky incessant neurotic brain worms that are always there, are what we all really need to try to master.

Joan of Arc - Learn from her Bravery

You’ve all heard the name Joan of Arc, but how much do you really know about her? Explore the history and story of how she rose to power as a woman and became a hero and a Saint. She is an inspiration to women of all ages and there is a lot to learn a lot from her bravery and humility.

Stop Calling Women SLU$ - 4 Letter Word - Rhymes with Mutt

SLU$ - is a 4 letter word that rhymes with "mutt" and women are called this all the time. The use of this word is way too common now-a-days. Stop calling women this once and for all. Explore the history of where it originated from, what it does to a person on the receiving and giving end, and a tip on what to do about it.

Hiking 101 - For the Solo Woman

If you are a solo woman who thinks hiking looks fun but are too scared to take that plunge, don't fret. In this video I will walk you through a few simple hiking 101 essentials that you, as a single woman, can follow so you feel confident on your step towards your next hiking adventure. 

Blow Up Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Blow up stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is the way to go. If you want to get good exercise, relax on the water, and get all the benefits of paddle boarding but don't have the space, blow up paddle boards will do the trick. In this video I walk you through what the board looks like, how to blow it up, and what typically you need accessory wise to make your paddle board experience flawless. Get out on the water and live it up.

Women Choosing Between Career or Family

Women often think they have to choose between having a having a family or a career. Two very important choices that have been boiled down to black or white. This video explores some of the reasons why women think this way and a few considerations if you are at that stage in your life.

Respect Mother Nature - She Wants Your Love

Our world is in need of some mother nature respect. Explore where the term "Mother Nature" comes from, what's behind the meaning, why it's important to us, and a few small things you can do as a woman (or any person) to help. The earth wants our love.

Our World's Perfection Obsession - What Really Matters

Our world is obsessed with physical perfection and it is becoming increasingly detrimental to women's views of themselves and their self-confidence. Let's think about this topic a little more; beauty trends are constantly changing which has us all running on a hamster wheel to try to keep up. The race to become perfect is a mirage that is impossible to reach and it is causing more problems than good. Stop the chase, stop doing this to yourselves and lets embrace a healthier mindset together.

Lawnmower Woman - Trying Things Out of your Comfort Zone

Women, have you feared buying a mower and mowing your lawn? Where to start, what to do, how to do it? It all seemed so daunting to me which is why I put this video together. I recently found myself unsure and a little intimidated by the whole thing so in this video I take you step by step through what I did to get from Exhibit A - "Crazy Lawn" to Exhibit B - "Clean Serene Lawn".

Ladies - No More Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the term imposter syndrome? It’s the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved. It’s especially prevalent amongst women and it has very real and lasting negative effects. In this video you will learn more about imposter syndrome and what actions you can take to kick it to the curb.

Tips for Women - Negotiating a Raise

Women and salary negotiations. Learn some tips to negotiate a salary raise as a woman. Did you know that women are paid 81 cents for every 100 cents that men are paid? That is a big deal and we need to change it together. In this video you will learn a few tricks that I have up my sleeve to negotiate your raise based on my own past experiences. Women, I want to help you feel confident when you go for your new job, next salary conversation, or promotion and feel like a boss!

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