Sarah Shafey Bio

Sarah Shafey is a Canadian singer, producer, and mixing engineer. Shafey has been around in the Toronto music scene for more than a decade wearing many hats behind the scenes, mixing albums for bands across genres and recording at her studio Squeaky Clean Records. Her personal sound over the past decade has grown from piano folk-pop, to emotive alternative and grungy shoegaze rock, to her upcoming album being influenced by pop, electronic, and rock.

Her first album “Tiny Music Box” was released in 2008 and was reviewed as ” a sophisticated, intricately orchestrated album of lush tunes and truly professional production” – CD Baby. It garnered the attention of fans within the Toronto community and rave reviews across internet music blogs. Her second album “Maverick” was released in 2013 and was written and co-produced by Donna Grantis (former guitarist of Prince). This was the step that brought her closer to her love for 90’s guitar heavy grunge. Maverick received the attention of rock lovers and music blogs:

“From the introduction of the lead track “Swim” and its “Cherub Rock” rumble, you know you’re in for an honest tribute. As someone whose teenage years coincided with the height of grunge rock, I was instantly hooked. Shafey channels Celebrity Skin-era Courtney Love on “Suzie Q” – SNOBs Music Blog

“Sarah Shafey, there’s not many more ways to explain her other than powerful, influential, and independent. With influences like Nirvana, Bush, and Soundgarden, Shafey really knows how to make her audiences feel like they are in some sort of rebellious punk, underground movement. Being vastly comparable to Joan Jett, Shafey is definitely not afraid to play and say whatever she feels is right” – WHOA Music Magazine

“Sarah Shafey has all the right elements that makes her a hit rock n roll vocalist and a standout artist. “Suzy Q” displays her intricate vocals alongside atmospheric and sensational electric guitar chords, creating the ultimate grunge scenario for you. You become lost inside the whole rebellious aura she fabricates for you. Ripped denim jeans, 90’s, leather jackets, hairsprays, motorcycles, and bubblegum is the image I was able to manufacture in my head while listening to this classic grimey rock hit” – Buzz Music LA

Her last album “Peaches N Cream”, released in 2016, explores the more psychedelic side of grunge rock, heavily influenced by Nirvana, A Perfect Circle, and the Dandy Warhols. The album was recorded at Riverworks by talented engineer Mike Rocha, mastered at Polyphasic Studios by Brandon Hocura and additional recording and mixing was done by Shafey at her studio Squeaky Clean Records. It features some amazing guest artists like Ricky Tillo (guitarist of Lady Gaga), Stephan Banjevic (formerly of Toronto band Wilderness of Manitoba), Scott Bouwmeester (formerly of Wilderness of Manitoba, Provincial Parks), Patrick Grant (Rogue Tenant, Patrick Grant & The Flesh Vignettes), Tony Rabalo (SATE) , and Mike Celia (eh440).

All albums are available on iTunes and spotify.

In the meantime,  she is  recording a new album co-produced by amazing female producer Hill Kourkoutis who has produced for and played with artists such as the Weeknd, Madison Violet, Serena Ryder, SATE, Good Lovelies, Dear Rouge, July Talk, Adam Cohen and more.

It also features some amazing instrumentals by drummer Sekou Lumumba who has worked with artists such as Serena Ryder, Bedouin Soundclash, Kardinal Offishall, Thornley, Edwin & the Pressure and more.

Stay tuned!